Remember Not To Forget

Remember Not To Forget

I always find it odd that I can remember events from my childhood very clearly when sometimes I literally cannot remember what I did yesterday. On the run up to getting married Laura decided to pick a day and purposely pinpoint as a day when she remember exactly what happened. The day was the 7th May 2011 and where as nothing extraordinary happened she can remember exactly what she did that day. It does show us that we decide in someways what to remember and there are occasions when we should all just focus and ‘Remember Not To Forget’

I was brought up by my grandparents and that made me very old fashioned from day one. I used to visit my other grandparents every Sunday and spend the day watching old Hollywood Movies and going through their endless record collection. I would make tapes of my favourite songs from that week and go to school with my walkman and listen to them at every opportunity that I could. Most people who I went to school with would have called me odd, although I did realise that singing songs like ‘You Are My Hearts Delight’ around school was perhaps not the best way of trying to fit in so I would bob my head and pretend I was listening to ‘The Prodigy’ and other artists who were popular at the time.

We spend a lot of time persevering the works of The Great American Songbook and in 2010 had the chance to appear on the BBC One Show television programme with Tony Bennett to discuss our schools projects. It is amazing how you can go into schools and teach these great songs and have an incredible response. When Cole Porter wrote the song ‘You’re The Top’ he went around the boat he was on and asked people for the name of things they loved. The song has references to the ‘Tower of Pisa and Mickey Mouse’ and what we do is ask children to re-write the lyrics with things they love so you have lines like ‘You’re The Top – You’re Lady Gaga’ but by doing this you make the song current and keep it alive.

With memories we may remember a specific way that we felt or have pictures in our mind or a photograph to help aid a memory but memories do get cloudy after time. The thing in music that is most at risk are the anecdotes about what these amazing composers were actually like in particular their personalities and what made them write in the way that they did.

If you have listened to ‘Love on 42nd Street’ you will have heard songs like ‘You Caught Me Off Guard’ which is very much in the style of The Great American Songbook and is really where my heart lies. It is lovely to know that this cannon of music is still wanted. It is those influences of my childhood that has allowed me to have that music running through me and it just feels natural.
I urge everyone reading this to set a day, an hour or a moment to remember that perhaps normally would not stand out. A moment that would have been forgotten that becomes significant because you ‘Remember Not To Forget’


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