London Marathon Training Day 1 – Ferrari engine with the body of a rusty old mini.

Every marathon blog that I read has comments questioning the persons expertise in offering advice.  From the outset I am happy to say that I am not an expert and I truly would not follow my unconventional training plan. I will though offer honesty and the odd useful tip that I come across.

The London Marathon will be the last long distance run of my life. The engine is still strong but the body is rusty and starting to complain a lot. I picked up a knee injury from over training for the Cardiff Half Marathon and despite a decent time of 1.48 it was a struggle. I haven’t done any running outdoors since October. I have been swimming (my main sport) 3 times a week and sticking in a few gym sessions a week.

So training day 1 was a 10k run in 49.08. Few slow and steady miles at the start and notched up the intensity a little on the last four miles.

My plan will be to get back to half marathon distance in about two weeks time. I will aim to do a tempo run either in the gym or outdoors twice a week and one long distance run outdoors each week. I will then be swimming and doing a few gym sessions around that.

Without injury I estimate my marathon time to be between 3.45 and 4 hours.

I am running for the wonderful children’s hospice Ty Hafan and have a £2,000 fundraising target. If anyone would like to support my page is: